5 things worth 5 minutes of your time this morning for #edtech #VR4Ed.

From ISTE: 25 Resources for Bringing AR and VR to the Classroom.

Helpful list of sites and services to help educators dive into the world of #AR and #VR.

From ECampusNews: 10 Must-Haves to Appease Online Students. via @onlinelearningu

Story from February 2016 on the results of a large survey of online students demands for the best online learning experiences.

From Kurzweil AI: Why Connecting All the World’s Robots Will Drive 2017’s Top Technology Trends.

Always looking toward the future, Kurzweil describes trends in AR and VR, but also how Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Robotics could lead to an explosion of machine learning via the Internet of Things.

From Road to VR: NOLO VR Promises $99 Positional Tracking and SteamVR Gaming on Any Mobile Headset.

Developer LYRobotix is taking orders for its room-scale positional tracking device that will bring SteamVR gaming to mobile headsets such as Google Cardboard. This low-cost entry point could help to drive the diffusion of VR technology.


From MIT Technology Review: 5 Big Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017.

From neural networks to deep learning, perhaps the most relevant to education will be the growth in language recognition in AI. As technology continues to develop more natural methods of communication, the possibilities for educational technology to reach a wider audience grow exponentially.

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